People Are Saying ‘Old People’ On Netflix Is The Scariest/Most Disturbing Movie Ever

We’ve already had a couple of contenders for the ‘scariest movie ever’ this year and the latest one of these is a German movie called ‘Old People’.

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The movie tells the story of a German woman named Anna who travels to her hometown with her children for her sister’s wedding, but soon discovers that the elderly people in the town are going on a brutal killing spree after a curse is placed on the younger population for not taking care of them better. That sounds like pretty hokey stuff, but the trailer looks pretty creepy and people have been raving about it on Twitter, so maybe it’s worth a watch?

Yeah I dunno some of those reactions seem a little basic but I guess the references to sadism and brutality might make it a bit more interesting than it appeared from the trailer. Not sure if I’m going to watch it myself on the back of all this, but it’s good to know it even exists I suppose. One for when you’re staying in next and don’t want to spend an hour roaming through Netflix.

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