New Horror Movie ‘The Outwaters’ Is So Scary Viewers Are Leaving Cinema To Throw Up

This looks messed up.

Every few months we get a new horror movie that is apparently the most disturbing and horrific one ever made and this time it’s the turn of a new one called ‘The Outwaters’.

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The found footage movie tells the story of four friends that head out to camp in the Mojave Desert and make a music video before obviously they start getting terrorised by someone or something. Apparently the movie is so scary that it set off Apple Watch Heart Monitors and also led some people to run out of the cinema because they needed to throw up.

Check out the trailer below and some of the reaction underneath that:

Wow that trailer is kind of unsettling isn’t it? Starts off kinda like if Gus Van Sant or Harmony Korine was making a movie and then slowly finds its way to something like Rob Zombie or Brandon Cronenberg by the end of it. Into it.

Sadly, the movie doesn’t seem to have a UK release date at the moment and I can’t seem to find it online either at the moment, so not entirely sure when we’ll be able to see it. The filmmakers have said that a UK release is coming though, so hopefully it won’t be too long.

For more of the same, check out the trailer to Skinamarink, another movie that people said was going to be scariest of the year. Different kind of fear though I think.


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