People Reckon That Nigel Farage Dyed His Hair To Look Like Donald Trump



It’s well known that Nigel Farage is a big supporter of Donald Trump – even going as far to defend his ridiculous child separation policy that was eventually scrapped – but I don’t think anyone would have expected that he liked him so much as to copy his dumb hairstyle.

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However, it seemed like Farage had indeed dyed his hair blonde to imitate Trump when he appeared on Sky News earlier today. Get a load of this:

What a bellend.

Unfortunately though, it appears that it isn’t actually true as members of his team have moved to categorically deny that he dyed his hair, instead blaming it on a trick of the light in Brussels from where he was being filmed. They also categorically denied that he had ever dyed his hair any colour and that if he did do then it certainly wouldn’t be blonde. OK guys – steady on with that, no need to go overboard about it or anything.

For more Nigel Farage, here he is chanting World War 2 victory songs at his German wife. No wonder they split up.


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