People Are Now Eating Deep Fried Spaghetti Burgers


Can’t say that I’ve noticed too many wacky culinary trends this year – unless you count everyone baking banana bread during lockdown – but thankfully Honest Burger have decided to jump in at the end of the year and wow everyone with their deep fried spaghetti burgers.

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The unique collaboration was inspired via the proximity of their Oxford Circus branch to Soho Pasta haunt, Pastaio and dreamed up in tandem with their head chef Stevie Parle. Here’s what Honest Burger had to say about it:


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Chef Stevie Parle’s (Pastaio’s owner) mozzarella and honey antipasto was our starting point.

It is a fried sandwich packed with flavours they love and know could go well with beef.

And the spaghetti? It’s added to the burger at the end for a bit of extra crunch and texture.

Gotta say I’m a bit disappointed – when I heard that it was a deep fried spaghetti burger I thought that the spaghetti was gonna be in some kind of fried/breadcumb cheesy patty and you would bite into it and it would ooze out, kinda like a bean burger or whatever. I suppose this way you get the spaghetti and the burger, but it just seems to me like someone has stuck some spaghetti on top of a burger which doesn’t sound as cool to me as a deep fried spaghetti burger the way I had imagined it.

I’ll probably still check it out though if I get a chance, bearing in mind that it’s only available at Honest Burger’s Oxford Circus location at the moment – although I imagine it won’t be too long until you can pick one up at any of the other 42 of them in the country. They’ll set you back £12.50. Maybe someone will make the deep fried spaghetti burger that I imagined one day too.

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