People Keep Finding Worms In Their McDonald’s Burgers

McDonald's burger

This is worse than Horsegate.

A few people have recently reported finding worms in their burgers in different McDonald’s restaurants over in the U.S. Let’s hope this phenomenon doesn’t make its way across the pond.

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A resident from Mayfield named Madison Stephens told local reporters that she had visited McDonald’s last weekend and bought food for her and her 1-year-old son. However, as she went to tuck into her hamburger, a live worm fell out of it.

To be fair, I don’t know what kind of mother would feed that junk to a 1-year-old, as we all know that McDonald’s is basically just mashed up junk. But I don’t think anyone would expect to find live helminths wriggling around in their Happy Meal. That’s some next level shit.

At a separate Maccy’s over in a place called Draffenville, another woman named Lacey Jo Lovett says that she also found a worm in her burger. What the hell?

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Madison said she called back McDonald’s about the incident and they have since sent her a $10 gift card. What so she can buy more wormy burgers? No thanks mate.

McDonald’s spokesman Michael Love says in a statement that the company is investigating and will:

Take all appropriate measures to resolve the matter.

They’d better do because they’ll end up in deep shit if this keeps happening.

It’s pretty shocking that customers would find live worms in their food, but then again I don’t know what we really expect. Despite the countless campaigns trying to make out McDonald’s source their meat in a hygienic and ethically correct way, I think we all know that them patties are shitty burgers made up from mashed up end bits. Still, nothing beats it on a hangover, am I right?

To check out a worrying map showing every McDonald’s in America, click HERE.


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