People Are Disgusted By Viral Clip Of Dog Licking Its Owner’s Homemade Pizza


Everyone loves hanging out with their dogs and hugging them and loving them or whatever, but it seems like some people draw the line when it comes to letting your pet dog handle/lick your food.

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The below video went viral on Moose’s Instagram after his owners Mariah Mainelis and her boyfriend Mike uploaded it and people were rightly freaked out about it. The video shows the pair making a homemade pizza from scratch but Moose starts licking the base and the cheese that’s being sprinkled on top of it. Rough. 

The pair announced that they then ate the pizza and didn’t share it with anyone, but the video was still enough for people to feel freaked out and sick about it all. Can’t really blame them here I suppose because it is rank, even if it’s your dog.

Anyway, here are a few of the best reactions to the video:

I mean yeah I gotta say I agree with them, even if they’re not giving the pizza to anyone else it’s rank. Hope they get sick because of it so they learn their lesson that this isn’t cool in the slightest.

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