People Are Convinced That Donald Trump Is Travelling Around With A Fake Melania Body Double

Here we go again.

The ‘Fake Melania’ conspiracy theory has been one of the constants of Donald Trump’s reign as President, as many people seem convinced that The First Lady is regularly swapped out with body doubles because she can’t physically stand spending time with her husband at rallies and other events and it once again reared its head over the weekend after the picture you can see above emerged.

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The photograph comes from a Trump rally on Saturday where he and ‘Melania’ were getting out of a helicopter. The internet was quick to jump on it and provide a load of pictures of Melania which apparently proved that it wasn’t actually her in the chopper.

Check out a few of the best ones below:

Yeah, that really doesn’t look like her compared to some of her other photographs, but I suppose that you could argue that her recent Coronavirus diagnosis might have caused her appearance to change slightly? Kinda grasping at straws there aren’t I as it seems much more likely that she can’t actually stand Donald Trump and has a bunch of body doubles ready to step in when it all becomes too much for her.

That wouldn’t be surprising at all would it and I guess that’s why this theory has gained so much traction over the past four years. Hopefully one day it will be confirmed.

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