People Are Claiming Thousands Of Free Tickets To Nigel Farage’s US Tour With No Plans To Attend


Remember about a year ago when Trump and Farage were doing a rally somewhere in the south and a bunch of kids on TikTok trolled them all by claiming free tickets and then not showing up so that they had to perform to virtually nobody?

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That was really funny and it looks like it’s going to happen again as people are claiming that they’ve bought thousands of free tickets to Nigel Farage’s upcoming US tour with no plans to show up whatsoever. The former Brexit Party leader was trending on Twitter today after Tim Burgess – the lead singer of the Charlatans – shared the link and ‘encouraged’ people to do the same so that Farage’s evenings wouldn’t be spoiled. Good one Tim.

Anyway, a bunch of people subsequently decided to buy a whole bunch of tickets:

Lol. You’ve gotta admit even if you like Nigel Farage the idea of loads of people buying free tickets for his events and not going so he has to speak to nobody is really funny. If you want to make that happen, then go for it.

For more of the same, check out when he had an absolute meltdown during an interview with Andrew Marr on the BBC. Complete asshole.


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