People Are Now Making Soap Out Of The Leftover Fruit From Old Cocktails


Would you wash your hands with this?

In the increasingly waste conscious and sustainability focussed climate, innovations in waste management seem to be appearing every single day. This new method of turning the leftover crap from cocktails into soap might be one of the most inventive methods in the game that we’ve seen yet though.

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There’s always miscellaneous bits of food leftover when you’re making cocktails, either on the side of the bar, the side of your glass or in the dregs at the bottom, and I used to always assume that they just get thrown away with the leftover ice when whoever’s grabbing your empty vessel disposes of it. Well, not anymore.

The guys from 42below vodka have decided that this cocktail goop is actually the perfect basis for soap, and lemon cocktail bits in particular are a highly desirable ingredient for the process. The video below (that’s trying a bit too hard to be funny) explains how all this works (kinda):

Yeah I liked it where they kept cutting that woman off when she was about to speak, but the rest of the advert was a bit lame – that Austin Powers retro thing has just been done to death these days I feel. However, it got the point across and I can’t deny that it’s a great idea to not let all those leftover lemons just get wasted and actually do something with them.

Unfortunately, it seems like this soap is only available through 42below down under in Australia and New Zealand, but if anyone has any brains and money up in England then they’ll start doing it straight away because there’s no way that this isn’t going to catch on super quickly. Of course, that’s provided that the soap is actually good and people aren’t too icked out about using recycled cocktail crap to wash their hands, but it’s 2016 so I feel like people should kinda be over that kinda attitude by now right?

I mean like I said, waste management and sustainability are big buzz words these days so everyone should get behind this. Put your money where your mouth is.

For more cocktails, check out possibly the best one ever – the Creme Egg mojito. Would love to see the soap they made out of that.


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