People Are Claiming This Is A Sex Video Of John Terry’s Mum (VIDEO)

John terry mum

He shoots, he scores.

John Terry might make millions of pounds playing football for Chelsea, but today it looks like he has been well and truly brought down a peg or two.

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Today someone allegedly leaked a video of his mum, Sue Terry, giving a guy the dirtiest blow job the world has ever seen. If this turns out to be legit, John’s going to be the butt of mum jokes for years to come.


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Obviously we can’t post the video here because it’s straight up porn, but if you go on Twitter and type in the hashtag #johnterrysmum, you’ll find the footage there. Definitely save it for when you get home though – this one is seriously NSFW.

In case you were wondering, this is Sue Terry:

Sue Terry

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You can just imagine what the video entails. Seriously, I watched it and that’s me done with sex for the foreseeable future.

We are by no means saying this is John Terry’s mum, but people seem to think it is.

For more on John Terry’s parents, here’s the time Anton Ferdinand trolled his dad.


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