People With Absolutely No Cooking Skills Wanted For New Series Of ITV Show ‘Bad Chefs’

Any ideas?

However you look at it, cooking shows are big money television these days with shows like ‘Great British Bake Off’ and whatever new gimmick Gordon Ramsay is trying out this week regularly drawing in the ratings.

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There’s probably been a bunch of shows where people with absolutely no cooking skills are taken to some kind of boot camp and shouted at by chefs like Ramsay in order to try and get better, but that doesn’t mean that ITV isn’t not going to make another one. The show is called ‘Bad Chefs’ and sees a bunch of takeaway addicts taken in by Chunkz as he attempts to show them the way around a kitchen.

The series premiered on ITV 2 last year but is set for another series soon, with the application form saying the following:

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Welcome to Bad Chefs! Where takeaway addicts and the culinarily challenged will finally learn to cook, and compete for the chance to win a large cash prize!

Do you only eat meals which are delivered? Could you burn water? Do you consider toast to be a fine example of home cooking? Then you could be what we are looking for!”

If you are young and vibrant, based in the UK, and have zero cooking ability whatsoever, then we want to hear from you!

Sound like anyone you know? I’m sure there are thousands of people out there that are major idiots and can barely make an oven pizza who would probably be perfect for this role, so it’s up to you to get the word out really and let them know that their time is now.

Chunkz is probably a lot nicer than some of the people they could be paired with on shows like this and just think how funny it would be seeing them on ‘Bad Chefs’ every week this summer. Surely gonna be must see television this year.

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