Watch A Celebrity Chef Get Busted Racking Up A Line Of Coke Live On TV

Chef Caught Cocaine Live Camera


I’ve got a few friends who are chefs and most of them agree that it’s a pretty stressful job working really long hours for not much pay, and it’s only their love of food which gets them through it. And the occasional line of coke or speed.

So this video isn’t really that surprising to me, although I suppose it is kind of surprising that it’s taken a celebrity chef so long to get caught. It comes from a cooking show over in Slovakia called Teleráno and you can clearly see the chef racking up a line of blow – complete with the note next to him with which he’s going to snort it – when the camera cuts to him a bit too early. Whoops.

His reaction isn’t exactly one of innocence either, he just kind of giggles in the way that a fat kid does when he gets his hand caught in the cookie jar:

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Funny stuff. Let’s hope he doesn’t get completely busted for that. Apparently some people were claiming he was racking up a line of baking soda, but really who the hell would be doing that in the first place? I mean what purpose would that even serve? And the rolled up not next to it kind of tells its own story doesn’t it.

Let’s hope it doesn’t end up causing his brain to eat itself, like people are claiming coke does these days.


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