People Are Absolutely Loving Today’s Dominic Cummings Inspired Ridiculous Front Page Of ‘The Daily Star’


I guess the Tory government and the man himself had hoped that the Dominic Cummings saga would have been ended after his incredibly boring and weird press conference on Monday, but it looks like it’s destined to rumble on at least a little bit longer after ‘The Daily Star’ decided to release today’s edition with the quite franky ridiculous front page you can see below.

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The main talking point was a pull out Dominic Cummings mask that meant you could do whatever you want during the lockdown, but there were also contributions from the police telling you that you shouldn’t go on a thirty mile drive to test your eyesight, as well as a guest appearance from Stevie Wonder and a bit asking about how anyone could keep a straight face supporting him. Here’s a breakdown, as well as some of the best reactions:

I mean all of them kinda have a point don’t they – who ever would have imagined that ‘The Daily Star’ would bee receiving praise for their cutting criticism of the government at the beginning of the summer of 2020, even a year ago? Nobody that’s who, but these are strange times that we’re living in. They’re only going to get more bizarre as well.

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