A Pensioner Killed A Seagull With A Walking Stick After It Snatched His Greggs

Fair enough?

I think that most people out there would probably agree that seagulls are an absolute nuisance and do their heads in, but I also reckon there will be a bit of a debate about whether they deserve to die for pissing you off and stealing your food in the light of this story.

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68 year old John Nicholson was walking around Rhyl last January when a seagull swooped down and tried to steal his Greggs pasty out of his hand. Nicholson was so incensed by its actions that he beat it to death with his walking stick. Bit of an overreaction there maybe?

Nicholson has now been fined £1000 for intentionally killing a wild bird and disorderly behaviour by being abusive to police. He didn’t bother showing up to his trial at Llandudno magistrates’ court today.

Court chairman Alwyn Lloyd Ellis said the following:

The CCTV footage ‘clearly shows an act of intent by the defendant.

As a result the bird died.

Yeah, not really sure why he needed to say that unless someone on the jury was blind as it was probably fairly obvious from the footage what was going on, but I suppose these things do tend to be very formal. Steeped in tradition.

Anyway, I know seagulls are really annoying but I don’t think this Nicholson guy should have lost the plot and maimed the bird to death. It didn’t even manage to end up stealing his Greggs FFS. Sounds like the guy might have some unresolved anger issues or something so maybe the authorities should be keeping an eye on him. Who knows what he might be up to today when he no showed in court? Maybe beating a duck to death with a gold club?

Also, I probably shouldn’t have to say this, if you’re out walking around and seagull does something like this then don’t react like Nicholson did. Not going to do anyone any good.

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