This Is Officially Where The Biggest Penis In The UK Is From



Obviously every man has a different sized penis, but I’ve never really thought if there was any discernible pattern to this value related to where you might live or grow up.

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Whilst it doesn’t seem like there is, Men’s health clinic London Andrology still decided to survey 2000 people to try and determine where the biggest average dick was in the UK. One of the more important and relevant surveys that has recently been commissioned, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Anyway, here are the results:

1. Wales, 6.56 inches
2. London, 6.51 inches
3. East Anglia, 6.47 inches
4. Scotland, 6.45 inches
5. North West, 6.41 inches
6. Northern Ireland, 6.35 inches
7. North East, 6.33 inches
8. Yorks & Humber, 6.29 inches
9. South East, 6.27 inches
10. West Midlands, 6.26 inches
11. South West, 6.23 inches
12. East Midlands, 6.11 inches

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So yeah, there you have it –  a full drop off in half an inch between Wales and the East Midlands. Big 0.1 drop off for the East Midlands and its nearest competitor though. Pretty sure all girls (or guys, sure) are going to notice that when they’re next having sex with someone from said reason. Won’t have to get out their measuring tape or anything to tell, no way.

So yeah, I suppose Wales often gets a bad rep but it turns out if you want to get the biggest dick then that’s where you’ve gotta head. Must be a genetic side effect of shagging so many sheep over the years or something. Jokes. Not really that much difference anywhere else, just avoid the East Midlands like the plague if big dicks is your thing I suppose.

Interestingly though, having a big dick doesn’t necessarily make you happy with your sex life. The Welsh were the unhappiest with 43% saying they were unsatisfied, whilst those in the East Midlands were actually the happiest with only 39% saying they weren’t happy with it. Weird – guess a big dick isn’t the key to everything.

The Welsh also had sex the last out of the survey, with only 39% of them jumping into bed at least once a week. Guess it really isn’t the size of the ship huh.

For more penis size, check out science finally announcing the official average size of a dick. You know you wanna know.



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