Penguin Random House Staffers Broke Down Crying Because Their Employer Is Publishing Jordan Peterson’s New Book

Get a grip.

After nearly eating himself to death on a questionable all-meat diet, Jordan Peterson is BACK and set to release his new book, ‘Beyond Order: 12 More Rules for Life’, three years after the original ’12 Rules For Life’ became a worldwide bestseller.

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This hasn’t sat well with “woke” employees at Penguin Random House Canada, who reportedly freaked out over the news, prompting a meeting where staffers broke down crying while demanding the book be cancelled.

The emotional in-house “town hall” was held this week after it came to light that Penguin is handling Peterson’s new book, out in March 2021. Employees anonymously leaked the controversy to Vice, which said “people were crying in the meeting about how Jordan Peterson had affected their lives.”

Have these staffers watched/read any of Peterson’s work? Doesn’t seem like it. I mean if you’re saying the guy is an “icon of white supremacy” then you either haven’t read his stuff or haven’t understood it. Those are the exact sorts of ideas he warns against, and it doesn’t take much investigating to find this out.

Instead of looking into this for themselves, these staffers have literally gone crying to their employer to not publish a book that is guaranteed to be another bestseller for them. That’s not what adults do, is it? It certainly isn’t what people working in publishing should do. Do they think that crying will make their case more sympathetic or something?

Penguin Random House, which held its employee meeting immediately following its announcement of Peterson’s new book, said in a statement on Tuesday that it’s open to hearing employee feedback and welcomes an anonymous feedback channel that was set up by staffers. But they also added:

We remain committed to publishing a range of voices and viewpoints.

Well hopefully the publisher doesn’t cave to the cry-bullies the same way Cambridge University rescinded its invitation to Peterson last year after a bunch of Gender Studies students complained about it. Would be pretty amazing if they took the woke crybabies off the company payroll instead. Especially since jobs like theirs wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for people like Peterson.

Over at Spotify, staff also lost their minds over the fact the platform was hosting Joe Rogan podcast episodes. Imagine having a job where you have that much free time to go crying to your boss over their biggest money-makers. Get a grip!


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