Pendulum Have Released Their First New Music In Over A Decade And It’s Banging

Wait for the drop.

I don’t really cover much new music on Sick Chirpse, but I feel like Pendulum were such an iconic and legendary band in the mid 00s that their first new music in over a decade probably deserves a mention.

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The trio have decided to come back with two singles in the form of ‘Driver’ and ‘Nothing For Free’ which are both undeniable bangers, although ‘Nothing For Free’ is a bit on the slower side and probably features too many vocals for my liking. ‘Driver’ on the other hand does exactly what Pendulum does best – just wait until that drop kicks in and you’ll instantly be transported back to some sweaty University hall somewhere with your eyes wide as saucers, sweat dripping all over your body and struggling to keep your bottom lip closed. Those were the days.

Lol see what I mean? The good news is that Pendulum are also hitting the road to celebrate the release of their new album and are gonna be playing a shedload of festivals next summer providing the pandemic clears up (We Are FSTVL, Ultra Europe, Boomtown, Creamfields, EDC Vegas, Let It Roll, Lowlands) so you can recreate those times, albeit in a massive field rather than in a grimy community hall. Not sure if it’ll quite be the same but I guess everyone goes out a lot less now so it’ll be a blast anyway.

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