This Is Quite Possibly The More Ruthless App Ever Created


The most terrifying app of all time is set to launch next month, and there’s nothing you can do keep your details off it.

You’ve already got apps where you can rate restaurants, hotels, tourist attractions etc online, and they’re all very popular and come in useful most of the time.

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You might’ve wondered what it would be like if there was an app where you could actually rate human beings, but just excused it as something that would be way too outrageous and problematic to ever exist.

Turns out it’s actually happening though with new app ‘Peeple’ launching in November — which will basically be like ‘Yelp’ but for humans.

It works by assigning 1 to 5 star ratings to everyone you know: friends, exes, co-workers, neighbours… literally anyone that you know and want to review.

To review someone, you need to be 21 and over and have a Facebook account, and can only review people under your real name. You’ll be required to confirm you “know” the person you’re reviewing under one of three categories — personal, professional, romantic. You also need to have their phone number if they’re not already signed up on ‘Peeple’ themselves.

Here’s the scary part though — you can’t opt out of being included in the app. Once someone puts your name in the Peeple system, it stays there and you can’t delete any reviews or someone’s opinion/rating they’ve left on your name. How fucked up does that sound?

Julia Cordray, one of the app’s founders said:

People do so much research when they buy a car or make those kinds of decisions. Why not do the same kind of research on other aspects of your life?

Wow, is that actually your argument? No one needs a bitter ex or someone they’ve fallen out with given a super public platform to basically drag your name through the mud for the whole world to see. This shit sounds nightmarish, especially for a smut-peddling blogger like yours truly.

Here’s some more general backlash over the app:

It’s basically the most shallow, pointless idea of 2015 thus far, and that’s quite some feat. It looks like it’s set for launch though later next month, barring some kind of big time intervention.

We know at least one person who’ll no doubt be ALL OVER it.


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