Turns Out Peeing In Swimming Pools Will Totally Fuck You Up

Wee swimming pool

Just don’t do it guys.

I’m pretty sure that, while nobody would openly admit it, there’s probably been a time in your life when you’ve peed in the pool.

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It just seems so easy, right? Well, it might do, but when you watch the educational video below from the American Chemistry Society, you’ll probably never pee in the pool again because it turns out that it’s way more dangerous than you could ever have imagined. Seriously, it could give you asthma FFS:

Wow. I didn’t even think about all the chemicals that were in pool water. I mean, you obviously associate it with chlorine but I didn’t think about all the reactions and stuff that could go wrong.

You really gotta start taking that shower before you get in the pool too buddy – I used to just think that was because nobody wanted to be swimming in your gross sweat, not that it could actually cause a medical condition if you weren’t careful. Take the time to be clean guys.

If you really need to pee somewhere weird, pee in the shower – it’s officially saving the planet.


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