If You Pee In The Shower, You Are Officially Saving The Planet

Pee in shower

You know it’s right.

Peeing in the shower obviously has a negative stigma attached to it because it’s pretty gross – and as such probably something that most of us would never admit to actually doing – but I’m fairly sure that all of you guys reading this sometimes just can’t be bothered to wait until you’ve got out of the shower and let her rip anyway, especially with all that running water around you too. Go on, admit it.

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In a great turn of events though, it turns out that peeing in the shower does actually have more benefits than just allowing you to relieve yourself quickly and easily, albeit slightly disgustingly. It’s actually helping to save the planet.

That’s because flushing the toilet accounts for 27% of water waste in the United States (probably way way more when you look at that figure worldwide) and although this does mean that your toilet bowl is clean – which is very important – it also means that you’re wasting a hell of a lot of water every time you flush it. Between 1.6 to 7 gallons to be precise.


Some students from the University of East Anglia realised this in 2014 and even began campaigning that students take their first piss of the day in the shower to try and save water. They deduced if everyone did this then they would save enough water over the school year to fill over 26 Olympic swimming pools.

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There’s also the toilet paper factor to take into account. If you did this every day then you would save a roll of toilet paper every 50 days, so that would also help the planet by not using up all of their natural resources as quickly. There’s basically no real reason to not pee in the shower anymore, especially if you’re some eco warrior/vegan.

However, I am kinda worried about how these statistics are being calculated – I mean if everyone pees in the shower as much as I do, then surely they don’t actually mean anything because most of us are doing it anyway? Food for thought there huh?

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