UK Battle Rapper Gets Sparked Out By Fan After Cussing His Mum On Stage (VIDEO)

When you cuss the wrong audience member’s mum.

It takes real thick skin to be a battle rapper – but surely one thing you can’t let slide is a fan shouting “you’re shit” while you’re up there trying to battle rap your opponent.

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In this case, ‘Don’t Flop’ rapper Pedro might’ve done well to just ignore his heckler though.

Instead, his comeback lyric of “your mum looks like Paul Scholes” prompted the ‘fan’ to casually walk up on stage and spark him out.

Wow, I guess that guy’s really not into mum jokes. Or maybe his mum does look like Paul Scholes? That would be unfortunate.

What’s worse though – getting punched mid-battle or pulling a whitey mid-battle?


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