Dude Gets Off Tube At Mansion House, Runs To Cannon Street And Gets Back On Same Tube

Race The Tube

One hell of an epic race.

A dude called James Heptonstall had finally had enough of London tubes – and who can blame him when fucking nightclubs are popping up on them now – and decided it was probably quicker and more fun to walk.

Or more accurately sprint. He legged it off at Mansion House while his buddy Noel Carroll stayed on the Circle Line to see which one of them could cover the 380m distance to Cannon Street faster. Amazingly, James managed to get back on the same tube and was given a round of applause by the passengers for his efforts. I’m sure you’ll agree that he deserved it.

Perhaps not quite as epic as what was described as the most insane street race ever, but still very impressive.


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