VIDEO: The Most Insane Street Race Ever

Insane Street RAce

Weaving in and out of traffic racing your buddy at 300kph on a motorbike isn’t cool dude. Or it could be the epitome of cool depending on how you look at it.

Watching street racing is cool although it’s kind of dangerous/terrifying if you’re involved yourself or anywhere near it. Which is why it’s cool we can watch this video of two motorbikes racing each other along a traffic filled dual carriageway at 300kph from the safety of our own homes via the internet.

I’m not sure where this was filmed or any of the details other than the fact that the two bikes riding are a BMW S1000RR and a CBR1000 Repsol and they go really fucking fast. It gets shit scary when they’re whizzing past huge lorries on the hard shoulder, kinda like that old F Zero video game.

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