Cesc Fabregas Is Asking For TV Recommendations Because His Wife Won’t Let Him Shag Her While Quarantined

Pray for him.

With coronavirus cancelling football leagues across Europe and the world, there isn’t much for a footie legend like Cesc Fabregas to do this weekend other than stay quarantined at home and make sweet love to his beautiful wife. 

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Just one problem though – she won’t let him…

The best part is he’s tagged her in the Tweet as though baiting her up like that might change her mind. In fact maybe that’s how you booty call your wife in 2020? Tag her in a viral Twitter post about how she doesn’t want to have sex with you. Wouldn’t be surprised if it worked, to be fair. 

Anyway, here are some recommendations he got from helpful fans:

And what he could have been doing instead…

Alternatively, Cesc Fabregas could check out our rundown of the 13 bleakest and most disturbing movies ever. Should keep his spirits high during this tough time.


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