Trumpet Playing Paedophile Beaten To Death With His Own Trumpet


Strangest death of 2016.

In what might be one of the weirdest deaths of 2016, a trumpet playing paedophile has been beaten to death, in part with his own instrument, by angry parents from a pre-school where he allegedly abused kids.

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42-year-old Marcelo Fabian Pecollo was attacked in a cathedral near Buenos Aires, Argentina, when a group of parents tracked down the Moron City Orchestra trumpeter. The attack was so savage that it left Pecollo in a coma which he eventually died from.


Pecollo had previously been sentenced for molesting preschoolers back in 2010, but he only served four years before being released. Perhaps the church should have checked that before allowing him to teach a bunch of kids. Apparently, as the parents charged towards Pecollo, one of them yelled:

There is a pedophile and a rapist in the church and he is playing in this orchestra.


Say it like it is. Pecollo tried to escape, but the angry mob caught up with him and one man used his own trumpet as a weapon. What a way to go. Reports are unclear on how the police treated the parents, although I’m going to assume they will be in deep shit. As much as you might hate someone for abusing kids, you can’t go around beating them to death with a trumpet. That’s for the police to decide.

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