Paul O’Grady Believes He Has Coronavirus; Creates Homemade ‘Miracle Cure’ To Fight It

He’s been experiencing symptoms.

As we’ve been reminded countless times in the past few days, the Coronavirus doesn’t discriminate against who it chooses to infect and the latest celebrity victim is none other than comedian, actor, presenter and drag queen Paul O’Grady.

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Or so he says. Paul was talking to Gaby Roslin about how he reckoned he had contracted the virus and managed to beat it with a homemade concoction:

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I’m alright now.

Last week I had flu like symptoms. I didn’t have the cough bad, I certainly didn’t have the temperature or anything like that so I just got on with it.

That was when the heating had gone so it was minus two down here and freezing and I thought someone had got it in for me. I’m fine now.

It was definitely Coronavirus.

That’s knocking about, but there’s also flus and seasonal colds going about so you’ve got to tell yourself and learn the difference.

The coronavirus – you’d know if you caught that. I lay on the couch with the fire on and the dogs on top of me moaning.

When you are lying on the couch dying or you think you are.

It was sheer exhaustion like Chris Evans had too.

There’s a concoction – four thieves vinegar – and I made it up.

In France during the plague in the 1600s four thieves were going around and they were knocking off everybody’s houses and robbing the dead so when they were finally sentenced to be burned at the stake the magistrate said ‘if you tell us how you’ve managed to survive not getting the plague I’ll lower the sentence to hanging’ which was big of him.

Basically this is the recipe which is cider vinegar with as many cloves of garlic in it as you can take and four different kinds of herbs to represent the four thieves.

I’ve got a bit of rosemary, parsley, and lemon grass, and bay leaf and leave it to steep and just have a tiny little bit every day. I’m having it at the moment, oh God yeah.

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Yeah I mean knowing Paul O’Grady that just sounds like a bunch of nonsense really doesn’t it? He probably did have Coronavirus – probably – but I doubt that his stupid little four thieves vinegar had much to do with it going away. Also could quite easily have not been Coronavirus and just some flu or something as he seems like a bit of a hypochondriac doesn’t he?

Anyway, hope he gets well soon but if you come down with Coronavirus – or think you do – maybe don’t bank on his miracle cure to get you through it.

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