Best New Tumblr Find: Paul McCartney Needs To Calm The Fvck Down

This blog is dedicated to pictures that just make you want to say: “Paul, Calm Yo Tits”.

Whether he’s getting way too into character in posed group shots, flashing that inimitable bitchface, or just displaying inexplicable levels of unbridled joy, as every Beatles fan knows, Paul is disturbingly excitable. This blog is dedicated to pictures that just make you want to say: “Paul, Calm Yo Tits”.

Paul McCartney has been piping up everywhere recently; he turned up at the Queen’s Jubilee in typical over-zealous Jingoistic fashion; he made a super-surprise appearance at the Olympic Opening Ceremony and played Hey Jude (again); and I saw him waving his dainty little Union Flag in the Velodrome this weekend, dancing around like a prick to no music. It’s like just when you think the guy can’t out-kook himself any further, you see him prancing about and pulling that gimpy face, and of course on top of that, all the cameras start zooming in on him, because, you know, he’s Paul McCartney and shit. This man loves attention!

I’ve been feeling this way for quite some time, but I had a suspicion that because he was in The Beatles he was somehow untouchable, he was invincible, and that by speaking a bad word about him was taboo; anyone remember the name of that one-legged woman whom the entire nation despise because she trash-talked and divorced him? I was eager to know what other people thought, and after witnessing his latest zany antics live on the BBC, I typed into Google: “Paul McCartney is a tit”.

I was fairly disappointed overall, because there really isn’t that much content that agrees with me, however, result number 1 on Google for the search was this feature Tumblr Blog: Paul McCartney Needs To Calm The Fvck Down. It’s exactly what I was looking for; images of Paul McCartney oozing with quirk; GIFs of the Beatles star prancing around like a bell-end; and the odd video from YouTube of his latest faux pas, all with sarcastic commentary.

Check out the blog at, but I’ve also added some pics of this one man’s incessant quirking below.


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