Paul Gascoigne Just Made A Shocking Vow To His Fans Following Gin Binge (VIDEO)


Gazza’s back.

It’s safe to say that 2016 has been a rocky road for Paul Gascoigne as he’s struggled to deal with his alcohol addiction.

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But now it appears that he’s looking to put all of this behind him, as he sent out the video below to his fans. In the festive message, Gazza admits that he’s been “looking after himself” for nine days following a stint in rehab and vows that he is going to put his booze problems behind him in 2017. A statement that was released by his management team said that it had been a difficult year for the former football player and that:

He really has been trying to get back to his best.

Thanks to all the people that came out to see him this year. We are back on the road from March 2017.

Well, it looks like Gazza’s on the straight and narrow. We have heard this many times before, so hopefully this time it sticks. It would be great if he could get off the booze for good – only time will tell.

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