Paul Gascoigne Exposes Himself In The Street While On The Hunt For Gin And Cigs


Times are not looking great for Gazza.

Things have not been looking great for Paul Gascoigne for a while now, and it looks like they’ve just taken another turn for the worst as he was recently seen stumbling around the street in his dressing gown on the hunt for more alcohol. Poor guy.

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The ex-football legend was spotted heading out in a taxi to buy gin and cigarettes before accidentally exposing himself to passersby as his dressing gown slipped out of place. An onlooker said:

He stood there in the middle of the street where all the neighbours could see him.

It was a sad final public indignity for Gazza. We are all worried for him.

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Gazza reportedly had to ring on his neighbour’s doorbells in order to get back into his own home as he had forgotten the key. This comes just days after an incident where the emergency services were called into his home over concerns for Gazza’s welfare.

It’s been a proper rollercoaster ride with regards to Gascoigne’s recovery and while he has had periods of abstinence, he often seems to slip off the wagon pretty quickly. All of this is obviously not helped by the absolute bastards who are selling this poor guy booze. No matter how much money you might make from the sale of a couple of gin bottles, pretty much everyone in the country can see that he needs help and by allowing him to purchase his poison, you are contributing to the problem.

I just hope that one day he finds peace and happiness without looking for it inside a bottle. Such is the terrible affliction of alcohol addiction.

(Update: The photos have been changed after The Sun contacted us telling us to remove the original images.)

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