Paul Chuckle Has Shaved His Moustache Off For The First Time In 49 Years


No matter how you look at it, The Chuckle Brothers – and now sadly just Paul – are two of the most enduring comedy characters of our lifetimes, so it really is a show today to see Paul Chuckle shave off his moustache for the first time whilst stuck in lockdown.

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Paul actually first grew the moustache back in 1971 and has been sporting it for the past 49 years since. He made the announcement via his Twitter account and said that he would be donating any money raised to the Marie Curie Foundation and then turned up later on to post a video of him shaving it all off.

Take a look at this:

Doesn’t actually look that bad, although it’s obviously kinda weird that the guy no longer has a moustache after wearing one for pretty much his entire life. What better time than now though I guess? Hero.

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