American Senator’s ‘Frozen’ Ring Tone Goes Off In The Middle Of A Congress Hearing

Now that’s embarrassing.

US Senator Pat Roberts had one of those moments the other day when his phone went off in the middle of a hearing about Congress and US Tariff Policy on Thursday. To make things just that little bit more embarrassing, his ringtone was ‘Let It Go’ from Frozen:

Credit where it’s due — he played it off like a pro there. Well, that’s what we thought anyway until he had someone release this explanation after:

Senator Roberts’s ‘Let it Go’ ringtone is for his grandkids. He balances it with Johnny Cash’s ‘I walk the Line.’ He changes depending on the day.”

Yeah that really wasn’t necessary and I don’t think anyone believes you anyway Pat Roberts. You love Frozen and have seen it 100 times and Olaf is your favourite character, admit it. Anyway, don’t you know that terrible ringtones can save lives?


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