A Passive Aggressive Thread About A Mother’s Refusal To Do The Dishes Has Gone Viral

I think everyone has lived in a house share situation – usually when you’re a student – when at least one member of the household refuses to clean up or do the dishes on a regular basis and nobody wants to cover for them so you just end up living in an absolute pig sty.

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Hopefully most of us are past that at this point in our lives, but now thanks to Twitter we can relive the experience. This thread has recently gone viral regarding a Mexican standoff between a woman and her family after she refused to do the dishes because she cooked all the meals and worked 14 hour days and well, just take a look at it to see what happens:

Wow. What a rollercoaster or emotions. I kinda feel like she might have been better served just talking to her husband – I presume the guy she refers to as ‘Irish’ in these tweets – about the fact that she could have done with him cleaning up the house for once, but as she said about halfway down, maybe this approach hadn’t worked so she was forced to make her tweets go viral to make him listen. No other option. At least it eventually worked. This time.

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