Thug Tries To Fight Old Man On Bus, Passengers Gang Up And Beat The Crap Out Of Him

The most beautiful dose of justice ever.

We all love seeing assholes like the one in this video getting a nice dose of justice served up on film, but it’s even sweeter when a whole bunch of strangers team up to deliver it.

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Watch as this prick starts on an old man for whatever reason, only for the other passengers to intervene when he dares to put his hands on him:

Beautiful, just beautiful. That’s how you bring someone like that crashing back down to Earth. Probably thought everyone on the bus was shit-scared of him but found out the hard way just how untrue that was. Next time your granddad complains that our generation are worthless pussies compared to his just show him this video.

Still not the most brutal way we’ve see someone launched off a bus – remember that Sparta Kick through the window of a London double decker? Devastating.


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