Partying Teenagers Are So High They’re Tricked Into Smoking A Screwdriver Thinking It’s A Weed Vape

Screwdriver vape

They got screwed over.

Chances are that if you’re at a party and someone offers you a lug on a vape full of weed, you’re probably going to say yes. Especially if you’re already high.

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That’s exactly why the guy filming this video decided to take advantage of this situation and pull a prank on a bunch of stoned teenagers. It’s not known where this party was going down or who filmed the video, but all you need to know is that the people in it are baked as hell, so much so that the prankster convinces a load of them to suck on a screwdriver:

Too easy.

At least the guy told them immediately after that they’d been sucking on a screwdriver. The same can’t be said for this dude who set up Tinder dates with girls who wanted to smoke weed, only to give them fake marijuana vapes instead. Beyond embarrassing.


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