Parkour Dog

Parkour Dog

Your dog busting out parkour moves is a sure fire way to get some pussy these days.

Motherfuckin’ dogs. You gotta love em. These guys just know how to make you feel better when shit ain’t going your way. Cats are the same, but the one thing that sucks about owning a cat and not a dog is that you can’t take it to a field and go play catch or some shit for an hour and just forget about all your bills and your shitty job and your ex and all that other shit that dogs are great at taking your mind off.

Now image if every time you took your pooch for a walk down the street they started to spontaneously bust out some rude boy parkour moves? Now that would be some fly shit. That’s the kind of steez that is just pure pussy attraction, no need for small talk. If your dog’s pulling off parkour moves on the block then you’re getting the ladies, no doubt about it.

This guy’s from Ukraine, so no doubt his owner’s mackin’ all the Eastern European gash on a regz. Check it:


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