Paris Hilton’s Stalker Bought Her A Classic Cadillac And Then Trashed It When She Refused To Accept It

Paris Hilton Cadillac Stalker

Way to handle rejection dude.

When she’s not mounting the decks or sucking dicks, Paris Hilton probably doesn’t really do anything because she’s loaded and can do whatever she wants.

One thing that does affect her movements though is a man called Johnny who has apparently been stalking her for years and is completely obsessed with her. His peak of creepy stalker behaviour occurred a while ago, when he flew a plane over her parents’ Malibu compound trailing the phrases ‘Can’t Get Paris Whitney Hilton Out of My Mind’ and
‘Mr. & Mrs. Hilton, may I court your daughter Paris?’ on a banner. Seriously, you can see it below although it’s not the best quality in fairness and could probably just be some weird writing on a piece of paper in a swimming pool or something.

Pairs Hilton Stalker Plane Messages

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I suppose some people might find that kind of courtship romantic, but not Paris who positively freaked out. Maybe Johnny should have drawn a massive penis in the sky with fireworks instead – we all know she would have liked that.

In any case, it hasn’t deterred Johnny from trying to get with her as he showed up at her mansion at the weekend to present her with an incredible classic Cadillac – complete with a bouquet of super expensive flowers on the backseat. Despite this being a completely sick gift though, Paris wanted no part of it and instead told her servants to leave it outside the gates of her house on the street whilst she called the cops.

It sat there for two days until it was completely and utterly trashed under mysterious circumstances with nobody spotting the culprit. Everyone thinks that this was Johnny being angry that she didn’t want to accept it and in fairness it probably was because he sounds like a complete and utter nut job – he once sent her an expensive bridal dress in the mail too asking her to marry him. Weirdo.

The car’s still sat there now as it’s legally parked and registered to Johnny. Love hurts bro, but maybe you should try moving on from this one eh?


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