Paris Hilton Named DJ Of The Year 2014

Paris Hilton DJ Of The Year


If you’ve been reading Sick Chirpse then you’ve probably seen that we’ve taken the piss out of Paris Hilton and her ‘DJ sets’ a few times and with good reason. She basically just presses a button and stands there pretending to DJ without actually doing anything and posing a lot. One time she didn’t even touch the decks and had some other dude do everything for her while she just posed looking good. Good one Paris.

Despite the fact she’s clearly a clown she still gets booked for DJ sets all around the world and can apparently command a fee of $350,000 for these appearances. No, that isn’t a joke. As if that wasn’t bad enough, to add insult to injury she’s also just won the 2014 DJ of the year competition for a Monaco based radio station called NRJ. Wut?

Granted, I’m not really sure what authority a radio station from Monaco has to go around handing out awards like that, but the fact that she’s even won any kind of DJing competition is a fucking joke when you consider how absolutely terrible she is at DJing. To make it even worse, apparently the award is voted for by fans so it implies that a bunch of people in Monaco actually think she’s a good DJ. I would have thought that they might have actually been able to get some good DJs down in Monaco considering how minted they are but I guess not. Either that or the people there just have no clue about anything to do with reality, which might be a more likely scenario.

Here’s a pictures of Paris posing with her award. She’s obviously really happy about it as it clearly validates her new career choice.

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