Papa Johns Employee With Livelihood Ruined Asks Protesters “Are You Trying To Get Trump Re-Elected?”

Good question.

One of the main concerns around the violence, riots and looting raging across cities in America right now is that this behaviour will push people towards voting for a Donald Trump re-election come November 2020.

This Papa Johns employee over in Kenosha, Wisconsin this week, sums it up pretty well:

Well that has to suck for the peaceful protesters like that woman telling the employee she doesn’t condone the actions of the more extreme protesters, but at the end of the day this chaos and destruction is showing so signs of slowing down and there’s less than 3 months to go before the American public head to the ballots to vote for either Joe Biden or Donald Trump.

You’d think that generally, the public is sympathetic towards peaceful protests around civil rights issues but when those protests turn into full-scale riots and result in ‘protesters’ destroying people’s businesses and livelihoods, people will look toward the ‘law and order’ candidate to sort it all out – Donald Trump. I really thought he had no chance following his disastrous handling of coronavirus and the initial fallout from the George Floyd incident, but now? Anything can happen. We’ll have to wait and see.

To watch a white BLM activist tell a black doctor “I’m more black on the inside than you”, click HERE. Cringe city.


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