Paola Saulino Says Her Oral Sex Tour Of Italy Is ‘Female Empowerment’

Paola Saulina

Right on.

Paola Saulino hit the headlines last year when she promised to give ‘No’ voters over in Italy blow jobs if they voted ‘No’ in the upcoming referendum and it won, and then surprisingly decided to stick to her word and embark on an oral sex tour of the country.

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Provided they passed rigorous background screenings and checks to ensure that they did actually vote ‘No’ and didn’t have any disease, Paola was prepared to give blow jobs to any male in the country, although her tour has recently been postponed after she suffered facial injuries at the hands of a dog. Obviously there are those who have criticised her for her actions – as to be fair it is effectively offering sex in exchange for a vote – but Paola has hit back, saying that her tour is a form of female empowerment:


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Oral sex is a great act of female power as well. I am an independent woman and I have the power to say that I like performing oral sex.

I feel the pleasure of the power to give others pleasure. And it makes me powerful. For more than one reason I got my power.

I hope my example will help lot of girls to feel free to live their sexuality and their choices.

I mean I’m not doubting that what Paola’s saying there is correct, especially to anyone that is trying to slut shame her or anything like that. BUT it is kinda low that she used her power to give oral sex to persuade voters to try and vote ‘No’ in the referendum. I’m not sure if it actually influenced the result or not, but either way it’s not cool to use sex to rig an election.

Not down with that, but totally down with female empowerment from oral sex. All good.

For more on Paola’s injury, click here. It is not pretty.


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