This Old Pamela Anderson ‘Baywatch’ Clip Is Going Viral Because It’s So Utterly Ridiculous


If you were around for the Baywatch heyday in the 1990s, you might recall a few ridiculously hilarious scenes, although I’m not sure there were any more outrageous than this clip currently going viral 20+ years later.

It’s only a one minute clip but even still it’s impossible to decide what the most ridiculous part of it is. Have a watch for yourself and see what you think:

O…K then. We’ve got a) American baseball legend Mike Piazza wearing his own jersey and practicing his swing on the beach, b) a downright pathetic ‘rescue’ scene where Pamela Anderson says “I know the water is shallow but it’s still dangerous” while some girl flails around in ankle-deep water, and of course c) Mike Piazza then leaving with said girl on his arm.

Here’s some of the reaction online:

Would’ve loved to have been in the writers room when whatever genius pitched that scene. Like that one commenter implies, it’s like a porn scene without the porn. Maybe it just made a lot more sense on paper?

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