Paeodophile Gary Glitter Was Booed Off The Stage In Prison Karaoke

Gary GLitter

Gary Glitter has been in prison for paedophilia for a long time now and we don’t really hear much about his time in there, but this story should bring you a smile on Christmas Eve although it will never make up for his horrendous crimes.

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Apparently at HMP Verne in Dorset where Paul Gadd is being held, every year there’s a Christmas karaoke show. Gadd rehearsed for three weeks to take part in it and relive some of his former glories – even wrapping himself in tinfoil to appear like his Gary Glitter persona – but unfortunately for him he was booed off just minutes into his performance as all the other prisoners joined together in a chorus of ‘off, off, off, off’.

A unnamed source said the following about the karaoke incident:


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Most of the other people who took part in the show did it for a laugh but Gadd seemed to think he was back on Top of The Pops.

It started badly when the music wouldn’t play. Then he had to stop halfway through and drink some water.

After the second song things seemed to improve but the audience found the whole thing a bit too pretentious.

Rather than looking like a pop star he looked liked a pensioner wrapped in a safety blanket, singing out of tune to a 70s record. It was a bit surreal.

But just when he seemed to find his voice the audience started shouting “off”.’

Gadd sulked off in tears and had to be consoled by some of the other prisoners who had to reassure him that he was just as good a singer as he was in his heyday.

Man I knew some weird stuff happened in prison after watching Orange Is The New Black, but man this really does sound like one of the most bizarre incidents that has ever gone down in the clink. Can’t say I feel too sorry for Glitter considering what he’s got up to in the past though – guy doesn’t really deserve to ever feel good, even at Christmas.

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