Paedophiles Set To Be Chemically Castrated After A New Law Has Been Introduced

Chemical Castration

About time.

The debate about how convicted paedophiles should be punished for their actions has been a source of debate for many years now, with some arguing that the crime is worse than that of rape or murder and as such the punishment should fit the crime.

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Usually paedophiles receive some kind of jail sentence dependent on their offences, but Kazakhstan have decided to pass a new law related to sex offenders that means anyone found guilty will be chemically castrated. An unnamed man from Turkestan is set to be the first to receive this punishment shortly, receiving an injection from a doctor from Kazakhstan’s Health Ministry.

 Vice Minister of Healthcare Lyazzat Aktayeva said the following about the new law: 

From January 1 2018, the order of the Ministry of Healthcare on the use and rules to use chemical castration has entered into force.

Accordingly, it can be applied by a court decision. Funds are already allocated from the republican budget. £20,500 for 2,000 injections on those who have committed child sex attacks has been allocated.

As of today, one application for the use chemical castration by a court decision has already been received.


Sounds like they’re pretty serious about it, although some people have warned that chemical castration might not necessarily solve anything. The process works through an injection and this willbe received whilst the offender is likely already serving a jail sentence. However, this method doesn’t work like actual castration as once the course of injections finishes then the offender’s libido will return meaning that once they’re released from prison then they could easily reoffend again.

In fact, it seems kind of pointless, but I suppose if paedophiles are forced to go in for injections once they’re out of the slammer it could work? Although they could quite easily get out of that just by not showing up as I doubt the Khazak government has the resources to just send people searching for runaway paedophiles all the time.

I think chemical castration is probably what paedophiles deserve and it will keep children safe too as there’s a 70% relapse rate amongst them, but they’ve just gotta figure out a better way to sort it administer it I guess? Food for thought.

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