Predator Gets Caught Trying To Meet 14-Year-Old Boy, Ends Up Peeing His Pants On Camera (VIDEO)

How embarrassing.

Paedophile hunting seems to be all the rage these days with countless channels popping up featuring vigilantes who pretend to be children in chat rooms and on dating apps in order to lure paedophiles in front of their cameras and expose them to the world.

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Once confronted, the predator in this clip had an amazing diversion to distract from the matter at hand – he literally, and almost instantly, pissed his pants:

Is this some kind of hidden paedophile tactic we didn’t know about? Much like an octopus releases ink or a skunk fires a sulfuric spray in order to ward off attackers, this paedophile has pissed his pants in order to repel vigilante paedophile hunters. I think it may have actually worked? Those guys were so grossed out they probably couldn’t wait to get the hell away from him.

With any luck though, they stuck around and kept him company until the police showed up to take over. That’s always the best way for these confrontations to end, right? Must be pretty mortifying being exposed as a paedo and soiling yourself all in one viral 60-second clip though. Somehow I don’t think this guy will fare too well in prison. Guess we’ll find out.

For the convicted paedophile battling to keep his job as an ice cream man on Crosby Beach, Sefton, click HERE. Good luck with that one bud.


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