Paddy Power Pulls Ultimate Troll On Poor Unsuspecting Lad

Paddy Power Girl

Guy meets girl, guy gets girl’s number, number turns out to be the guy who runs Paddy Power’s Twitter account.

Although we do love a good prank here at Sick Chirpse undoubtedly, this might be the most entertaining case of trolling we’ve ever seen.

It all starts with that classic situation: you go out on a Friday night, talk to some babe, get her number, then decide to drop her a text the day after – we’ve all done it and we all know the score. Unfortunately for this guy called Steve, instead of giving him her number, the girl he was talking to gave him a fake one (or maybe typed it in wrong because she was so hammered, it’s funnier if you think that she gave him a fake one though) which turned out to be the guy who ran the Paddy Power Twitter account.

Of course, he decided to have some fun with it and went about texting Steve and pretending to be a girl, only to post his increasingly cringeworthy and slightly creepy replies onto the internet for everyone to see, as well as asking followers of their Twitter account for help about what he should say next.

Predictably, the hashtag and the tweets went viral because they were so awful and everybody absolutely loved it. Not sure if they loved it as much as this guy live tweeting a couple breaking up on a New York City rooftop, but the results were definitely similar. Steve was surprisingly good about it when he got rumbled too, which was perhaps less predictable.

Let this be a warning to lads with shit text banter everywhere though – you might not actually be texting who you think you’re texting.


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