Paddy Considine’s New Film ‘Journeyman’ Is Set In The World Of Boxing

Paddy Considine in Journeyman

He’s back.

If any of you saw Paddy Considine’s directorial debut ‘Tyrannosaur’ you will know that this guy made a flawless transition from sterling actor to talented director. The film was about an angry alcoholic who finds relief and friendship with a woman whose husband abuses her.

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It was probably one of the most hearbreaking and affecting movies he’s ever been involved in, which says a lot considering he was the main star in Shane Meadow’s ‘Dead Man’s Shoes.’

paddy considine dead man's shoes

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That’s why we’re super excited to hear that he is now working on his second title ‘Journeyman’ which is set in the world of boxing. Although there’s no trailer as of yet, we can tell you that the story follows middleweight worldwide boxing champion, Matty Burton. As he comes to the end of his career he knows he must make money and get out of the ring to settle with his wife and baby. However, when a huge blow from opponent Nassar Ali leaves him in a coma, that’s when the real fight begins.

Considine will partner with producer Diarmid Scrimshaw, who had this to say:

’Journeyman’ is another world-class project from Paddy; it’s got strength, authenticity and is a compelling triumph over adversity story.

Sounds deep. It’s been five years since ‘Tyrannosaur’ so we’re really excited to see Considine back with a new feature. Everything this guy is involved in is gold, so no doubt this will live up to the hype.

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