Watch A Package Thief Slip On Wet Grass And Suffer Horrendous Leg Break

Package Thief

Serves her right.

There are a lot of contenders for the worst people on Earth, but right up there near the top have gotta be people who rock up to a house and steal a package from right outside of it, just because it looks kinda big and inviting.

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That’s why this video is so excellent, because it sees one of these truly awful people getting their absolute comeuppance as they try to get away with a package that clearly isn’t theirs and in one of the most satisfying ways possible too. The video comes from Bothell, Washington over in the States where a UPS delivery man drops off a package on a front porch, which also has security cameras installed – presumably because their packages get stolen all the time.

Anyway, what happens next is a thing of beauty as the package thief breaks their leg in the most gloriously random way possible as she slips on the wet grass outside the house. Beautiful:

Damn. I’m not really sure how she managed to fall over like that – I’ve watch it a couple of times and it seems really unnatural, although I suppose that’s why her leg is all manked up like that – but I’m so glad that she did screw herself up like that. Just a pity that her accomplice – big guy in the american football jersey – was there to pick up the pieces. Gonna be a long stay in hospital for her anyway though.

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