Watch Ozzy Osbourne’s Mind Get Utterly Blown After Hearing Himself Sampled In Lil Jon Track

I think Ozzy Osbourne’s brain just broke.

Back in 2002, Lil Jon produced a lousy but fairly popular song called ‘Let’s Go’ which also featured rappers Trick Daddy & Twista, but most crucially a sample of Ozzy’s classic track ‘Crazy Train’.

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Perhaps unsurprisingly, Ozzy was unaware of the track and in 20 years had never even heard it until someone played it for this this week. His reaction is just perfect:


♬ original sound – Lil Jon

Mind = blown. And yes, if we’re going to address the elephant in the room, Ozzy is looking terrible. But that’s always gonna be the case when you’re 72 years old and spent a lifetime being a rock and roll superstar and taking every drug under the sun. Or maybe he’s just tired? Who knows?

What I do know is that watching Ozzy Osbourne listen to the Lil Jon/Trick Daddy/Twista song sampling his music was a pure delight. Just look at how baffled he is:

Yeah OK I know his brain is on a bit of a delay but still, I think he’s genuinely stunned to hear himself on some random rap song from the early 2000s. How was he not even aware the song existed? I’m sure he got his royalties for it in any case. Sharon Osbourne probably did the deal herself and forgot to tell him (or did tell him, and he completely forgot in about 2 seconds).

Either way – great video. Never change, Ozzy.

For the scientist who claims Ozzy Osbourne has only survived this long thanks to a genetic mutation, click HERE. Just as well eh?


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