A Wooden Sculptures Of An Owl That Looks Like A Penis Has Been Erected In A Children’s Playground

Come on now guys.

If you go back and watch children’s cartoons from when you were little, it seems that the creators have put in a whole bunch of sexual innuendos for the adults watching and it looks like this trend has no extended to children’s playgrounds as well.

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Over in Mitcham, Australia, a children’s playground was recently erected but it’s been all over social media for all the wrong reasons as one of the key sculptures in it really does look like it was ‘erected’. People are saying that the sculpture of an owl that you can see above/below looks like a massive erect penis and to be honest I can’t really blame them – just look at the thing:

Owl penis

Apparently the sculptures in the park were supposed to represent indigenous species in the area with koala bears, snakes and giant turtles also making an appearance. Perhaps more disturbingly though, Peter Semple Landscape Architects are saying that they worked with local children to come up with the representations of these animals, which kinda implies the children are either really into dicks or have no idea what owls looks like. Or both.

A spokeswoman from Mitcham council said the following about the penis owl:

It has certainly caused a reaction and some amusement within the community but all art is in the eye of the beholder.

I mean that’s one way of getting out of it I suppose, but I’m kinda glad that she just owned it and they’re sticking to their guns about it. Firstly because there are way too many PC bullshit whiney dickheads out there these days and secondly because it’s actually really funny. Fair play.

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