An Overprotective Wife Made The Following Insane List Of Demands For Her Husband’s Stag Do

What a joke.

Your fiancee is probably always going to be a bit worried about your stag do because there’s a lot of potential for mischief and it’s just an accident waiting to happen really isn’t it? Hear so many stories about them going wrong and the stag getting into all kinds of shit, don’t you?

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So you can kind of understand why fiancés might be a bit apprehensive about it, but even so this list of demands from one for her husband’s big weekend is completely and utterly insane. Get a load of this – it’s been confirmed as an authentic Facebook status too in case you were wondering about that as well.

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Jesus she really does wanna take all the fun out of it doesn’t she? Is there anything that the guy’s are actually allowed to do on it?

Gotta love the last line as well where she prevents him from going because she won’t be able to control what he does whilst he’s on it. Sounds like it’s gonna be one hell of a fun marriage for him doesn’t it? Maybe just go on the stag do so that she dumps you dude. That would be my plan.

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