Over 120,000 Alien Hunters Are Planning On Rushing Area 51 To Find Out The Truth

Great plan.

Everyone who’s got even a vague interest in conspiracy theories knows that Area 51 in the New Mexico desert is pretty much at the centre of all of them, as alien technology and the little blighters themselves have long been rumoured to have taken up residence within its confines.

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US army troops have permission to shoot anyone on sight if they’re caught within the grounds and as such, nobody knows what exactly is going on in there. Some people are going to attempt to find out though it seems, with news coming in that 120,000 alien hunters are set to meet up on September 20th at 3am and rush the place.

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I guess the logic is that the US government can’t massacre 120,000 in their own back yard, so they really will be able to get in and see what’s going on. Not a bad plan – although I’m sure I remember reading that there’s no phone signal in that area so I dunno if they’ll be able to livestream it all to people to ensure their safety. 120,000 is a hell of a lot of people though, so maybe they will actually be able to pull this off if everyone turns up?

To be honest, it seems kind of unlikely considering that the group was created by a page called ‘Shitposting for fun’ and their plan is to ‘Naruto Run in there so we can dodge all the bullets’ (Naruto is an anime character who is famous for his distinctive running style). Doesn’t really sound like they’ve really though this through, but even if 1000 people show up on September 23rd then they’ve got a chance of getting in, which is more than we’ve ever had before. Here’s hoping.

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